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Individual Counselling

Take charge of your mental wellbeing with guidance from our Compassionate and experienced counsellors. We offer a safe and confidential space for individuals to address mental health concerns, overcome challenges, and achieve personal growth. Schedule your first session today and take the first step towards a happier and healthier life.

Couple Counselling

Improve your relationship with help of our compassionate counsellors. We provide a safe and confidential space for couples to build stronger connections and overcome any difficulties. Schedule your first session today for a happier and healthier partnership.

Online Counselling

We believe that mental health care should be accessible and convenient for everyone. Access Counselling from your home with our experienced counseller via secure digital platforms. We offer support for anxiety, depression, relationships, and other mental health concerns. Contact us to schedule your first remote session.

Psychological Assessment

It is done to better understand an individual and provide valuable insights into the individual’s behaviour, skills, thoughts and personality

Behavioral Assessment

Our psychometric assessments can detect abnormalities inside identified areas through distribution of data. They are grounded with strong theories and research which helps in identifying abnormal psychology, differentiating between adaptive and clinical behavior profiles, and identifying behavioral and emotional functioning of children within ages 2 to 21.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioural Analysis is a psychological intervention  focusing on teaching necessary skills and stopping dangerous behavior  rather than preventing  harmless  self- stimulatory  behaviour (stims). Our BCBA certified consultant trains all our therapists at our Centre. We provide early intervention in various behaviours, speech, social skills, school readiness skills and language abilities.

Occupational Therapy

This assessment helps to understand behaviour and emotion of children. The components offer a comprehensive system for identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and remediating behavioral and emotional problems in children

Autism Intervention

Children who receive autism-appropriate education and support at key developmental stages are more likely to gain essential social skills and react better in society. Proper early intervention autism programs alter the course for children, and they may even erase the signs of autism altogether.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT can help you manage problems, such as anxiety and depression and make them less likely to have a negative impact on your life.

Play Therapy

A form of psychotherapy and counselling that uses play in a non-directed method. Our  therapist helps individuals  communicate, explore repressed thoughts and emotions, address unresolved trauma and experience personal growth. It is an important, effective and developmentally  appropriate  mental health treatment.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help with so many skills such as pertaining to communication, both oral and written. This specialized therapy can assist with relationship building, brain development, and can improve overall quality of life.

Bird Therapy

Our unique bird therapy program uses trained birds to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and wellbeing through nature-based mental health practices. Suitable for all ages, and it’s the first of its kind in Malaysia. Connect with our feathered friends and boost your mental health today!

Shadow Aide

We provide shadow aide services by trained professionals who provides one to one support to help children under the spectrum in various settings, assist with social interactions, sensory challenges, behaviors, and help create a conducive learning environment with teachers.

QEEG – Quantitative Electroencephalogram

Brain mapping technology to measure and record electrical activity in the brain. It’s used for diagnosing and treating neurological and psychological problems. Information obtained helps in the development of personalized treatment plans for individuals with Autism, ADHD, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Dementia, Memory, PTSD, Parkinson’s and Mild Stroke patients.

PBM – Photo Biomodulation

An advanced therapy that uses red or near-infrared light to promote natural healing of cells that impose cellular functions. It enhances the function of the mitochondria within the cell, which increases ATP production. It helps with memory, focus, depression, anxiety, speech, and brain injuries. It also promotes sleep quality, fights cognitive decline based vascular disease, restores mild/moderate damages from strokes, combats aging, and eases parental stress of ASD children.


A modern tool that promotes peace and calm through gentle and safe electromagnetic pulses that guide brain patterns to optimal levels. It’s a wearable headband which helps with anxiety, stress and improves sleep and concentration.

CES- Cranial Electro Therapy

It gives a pleasant, detached state and quieting of the mind with better impulse control and a greater sense of balance, centeredness, and calm. Helps to also experience fewer episodes of irrational anger, irritability, depression, and mood swings.

Parenting Workshop

Parenting education promotes the use of positive parenting practices, such as using positive language, planned discipline, and family routines. It also encourages nurturing behaviour and increases parents’ knowledge of child development and communication styles.

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